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If You're local or visiting The Golden Isles, You can contact me directly and let me know what You'd like to purchase. I'm happy to meet You somewhere. Tax is already included in my prices. You can pay me via cash, credit card or             (I'm Katy Boyer @Blissbait). I can also make You a special payment button, minus shipping/handling, here on my site.

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• • • notecards • • •


I print my notecards on absolutely beautiful 64 lb., 100% natural, acid free, cotton rag stock. Each card is 5.5 x 8.5 (139.7mmx215.9mm).  They are thick & have a nice texture. Each set of 12 cards comes with 13 envelopes and is signed on the back. If You'd like me to sign on the front, let me know! Sets come wrapped in 100% recycled brown paper and are tied with a biodegradable bit of twine.  Order single cards, choose a set of 12 You'd like or  I'll choose for You! 13 envelopes included. 

••• digital art notecards •••

single card/envelope $4.25 ea. | 12 or more cards/envelopes $3.75 each

• see special "add to cart" button below to purchase a dozen • for larger orders, please contact me

at this moment

your fading whispers


next to it

crystal clear

truly good nite

just outside the window

hoist 'em

dancing with you

ever so

we are

alright already

if you say

the thaw

what you get

in the stream



the visitor


you saw me

the emerald ones

riffing on today

thank you



equinox rock

wandering where you are

we are

in our lunchbox

last time I saw you

"longer than the road"

and away

my playground



last call

page turner

random set of 12 digital art notecards & 13 envelopes: 

I'll surprise You!

$45.00 ($3.75 ea.)

custom set of 12 digital notecards & 13 envelopes

ie: 3 mantra, 2 the thaw, 3 my playground, etc.

$45.00 ($3.75 ea.)


••• fine art notecards •••

single card/envelope $4.25 ea. | set of 12 or more cards/envelopes $3.75 each

• see special "add to cart" button below to purchase a dozen • for larger orders, please contact me

after hours

homeward bound

travelin' with bliss

afro-dite paints the town

almost home


yours for the taking

all together now

our best laid ones

iris on holiday

in council

so they say



the bed we made

first kiss

on the bus

just so you know

pit stop

it's what's for dinner

play me (moon)

play me (sun)

"...follow follow follow follow..."

and so it goes

the in-betweens

busted (Tom fishing)

busted (Tom loves Becky)

watching Orion bathe

 random set of 12 fine art notecards & 13 envelopes 

I'll surprise You!

$45.00 ($3.75 ea.)

custom set of 12 fine art notecards & 13 envelopes

ie: 4 almost home, 2 afro-dite, 3 whisper, etc.

$45.00 ($3.75 ea.)


 • • • kNOW-ZAC    | My playful antidote for stress! • • •


Have You had Your kNOW-ZAC    today?

Feeling a little funky and out of sorts? You may be suffering from not remembering to kNOW You are All-Ways Loved. kNOW-ZAC    affirmations can help!

Since time immemorial the Great Masters from All Walks of Life, Beliefs and Cultures have spoken of Our True Divine Nature. kNOW-ZAC     is awareness in a bottle that helps to reming You of who You Are.  

Are YOU willing to kNOW?







bottle approx. 4" x 2 ¼"

this is back label


this is what the inserts look like, approx. 3" x ¾"

WARNING!!! Side affects may include but are not limited to: Joy, Sound Sleep, Heightened Awareness, Smiling, Tears of Joy, Universal Love, Carefreeness, Seeing the Divine Nature of All Things, Overpowering Feeling of Oneness, A Still Mind, Release of Tension and Emancipation.

Bottle is made from 100% recycled glass/affirmations printed on 100% recycled paper.

Each bottle contains 50 affirmations (1-3 are write Your own affirmation today blank lines)


"Wanted to let you know that the cards were a total hit with the gift recipient! She adores them and we are all grateful. Thank you!"

Erinn U., GA

"Yay! I'm loving my cards! They are perfect for all types of occasions. I love sending them to family and friends."

Angela H., AZ

International? Contact me! I can ship almost anywhere • Katy Boyer • blissbait@gmail.com 

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