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All my books are available on kindle and (with the exception of 'Water') in paperback on Amazon. 

Mr. White gets his first two five star reviews on Amazon/Kindle!  Read them here.

Alanza and the gang get their first 5 star review on Amazon!!! 

Alanza is my book that is closest to my heart.  As I explain on Amazon:

"When my exceedingly precocious son was tiny, we were reading alphabet books.  I was thoroughly enjoying them! He on the other hand, was not and in no uncertain terms, hands on tiny hips and chin jutted out just so, he let me know they were absolutely not for him! He craved adventure and a story! Thus, Alanza was born.  This is a unique, refereshing take on the genre written in poetic stanza.  It dances an enticingly fun tango through the English Alphabet.  Alanza, Bob, Gabrielle and the rest of the crew are ferried along in text and illustration that completely celebrates language and the wonderful letters that create it." 

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Pipper Popper gets his first two 5 star reviews on Amazon!!! 

'Ode to Pip's' back cover reads:

"Not a fable.  No moral here.  Simply a bystander's tale of a very old, outwardly odd and exceedingly cranky so and so who winds up on a journey he never bargained for!"

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The back cover of 'Water' reads:

This is admittedly a tip of my silly cap to the most brilliant Shel Silverstein, Dr. Suess and all the other  amazing people throughout time who have companioned playful rhyme with simple drawings...."

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