If You're local or visiting The Golden Isles, You can contact me directly and let me know what You'd like to purchase. I'm happy to meet You somewhere. Tax is already included in my prices. You can pay me via cash, credit card or             (I'm Katy Boyer @Blissbait). I can also make You a special payment button, minus shipping/handling, here on my site.

• Fine Art & Prints •

I paint acrylic on reclaimed wood, canvas, etc.  If it's reclaimed and standing still, I'll paint it.

 Notecards of my fine art paintings are available in my gift shop, prints can be found at the bottom of this page.

I don't have "add to cart" buttons under my paintings because shipping has to be dealt with on an individual basis due to weight/size and Your location. Please contact me if You interested in anything!

Of course if You're local I deliver for free!


acrylic on reclaimed wood

18½" x 89" • approx. 47cm x 226cm

price coming soon

'watching Orion bathe'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

16" x 48" • approx. 40.64cm x 122cm

price coming soon

'after hours'

acrylic on reclaimed canvas

11 ¼" x 23 ½" • approx. 28.57cm x 59.69cm


'homeward bound'

acrylic on reclaimed canvas

25" x 32" • approx.63.5cm x 81/3cm



acrylic on reclaimed, slightly bowed shelf board

This looks great hanging. Lean is hard to discern from front and looks really cool from the side!

12" x 36" x " • approx. 30.5cm x 92cm x 1.5cm


'a way in a manger'

acrylic on reclaimed hammock support beams, broken bamboo wind chime, board, cardboard & a river rock.

I think we're keeping this one!

'and so it goes'

acrylic on reclaimed reclaimed wood

48" x 24" • 122cm x 61cm


"play me"

title inspired by Neil Diamond's song 'Play Me'

acrylic on reclaimed fiberglass bowls (wired to hang)

11½"  x 4" deep • approx. 29cm x 10cm deep

side view

$725/for pair • $375 ea./separately

"...follow follow follow follow..."

(title inspired by/from 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road'/The Wizard of Oz)

acrylic on reclaimed wood

18" x 24" x ½" • approx. 45.7cm x 70cm x 1cm


'it's what's for dinner'

acrylic on reclaimed teakwood salad bowl

12" x bowl sides taper from 7" to 5 ½", wired to hang 

side view


'welcoming committee' wallhanging

acrylic on reclaimed, teak hammock bars & teakwood broken bowl halves strung with biodegradable twine wrapped in 3 places with black leather cord. I can make the hanging strip specific for Your needs. 

approx. 2.5' high (including hanging twine) x 4'7" long & the height of the heads minus the twine is 2.5'

appox. 6.5cm high in total x 140cm long & height of art only is 5.8cm

outer and inside (facing center) of hammock bars

outer and outside (facing up and down) of hammock bars


'where we stand' (sold!)

"I love Katy's ability to see beyond the broken and find the beauty. This piece went on my wishlist as soon as I saw it."

Angela H., AZ

acrylic on broken, reclaimed & wired together, hand-carved teakwood bowl

21" x 10.5" • approx. 53.5cm x 27cm

'pit stop'

acrylic on broken, reclaimed wood

13.75" (at highest point) x 5.5" x 1" • approx. 35cm x 14cm x 2.5cm thick


'on fm'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

He has a gold/blue iredescence that sparkles in the light. Hard to capture on film! If You'd like to see a video, let me know!

47.5" x 7.5" • approx. 121cm x 19cm


'the bed we made'

acrylic on painted ( originally a plain, wood coloured fence) wallpaper & acrylic on double matting

framed w/glass in beautiful (and nicked!) reclaimed frame that has lovely, subtle, dark gold embellished corners

•the outer mat is softly textured white paint....there is reflection in the glass that is adding images to matting•

27.5" x 27.5" • approx. 70cm x 70cm


'first kiss'

watercolor and acrylic on newspaper and cardboard

32.25" x 24.75" • approx. 82cm x 61cm

I found an UBER cool frame for this in a thrift shop. As soon as I have it matted/framed, I'll repost pic/price.

'on the bus'

 acrylic on repurposed mirror backing

24" • approx. 61cm


'just so you know...'

acrylic on reclaimed box canvas

1' x 1' x 1.5" • approx. 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 3.81cm thick


'our best laid ones'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

3' x 4' • approx. 91.44cm x 122cm


'all together now' (not for sale)

acrylic on reclaimed wood

5' x 2.5' • approx. 153cm x 76.2cm

'yours for the taking'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

6'9" x 2'5" • approx. 205.74cm x 76.2cm



acrylic on reclaimed wood

2'11.25" x 11" x 1.5" thick • approx. 91.44cm x 27.94cm x 3.81cm 



'iris on holiday'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

1'5" x 2'.75" • approx. 45.72cm x 83.82cm


'so they say'

acrylic on reclaimed wood

2'8.5" x 2'7.5" • approx. 83.82cm x 83.72cm



acrylic on reclaimed wood

11" x 3'2" x 1.5" thick • approx. 27.94cm x 96.52cm x 3.81cm thick 


'afro-dite paints the town' (sold!)

acrylic on reclaimed wood

5' x 2.5' • approx. 152.4cm x 76.2cm

'almost home' (sold!)

acrylic on reclaimed wood

22" x 3.75" x 1.5" thick • approx 55.88cm x 114.3cm x 3.81cm 



acrylic on reclaimed wood

4' x 3' • approx. 121.92cm x 91.44cm


'in counsel'

acrylic on wood...i bought this board! she wanted to be BIG and I couldn't find one this size!

8' x 4' • approx. 243.84cm x 121.92cm


'the in-betweens'

acrylic paint, paint lid refuse & decoupage on foamboard in reclaimed, painted frame

26" x 22" • approx. 66cm x 56cm  


my car hood! it's still on my car...

art acrylic sealed with Liquitex sealer.

 I can make prints of any of my fine art pieces; even my car hood! 

(or a portion thereof as some are oddly shaped) sized 8 x 10 (203.2mmx254mm) for $50 and 11 x 14 (279.4mmx355.6mm) for $60. Your painting will be printed on  museum quality, OBA, 84 lb, 21 mil thick, textured matte, acid free, 100% cotton rag card stock.

Here are a couple of samples of fine art prints I've sold:  


'iris on holiday'

11 x 14 (279.4mmx355.6mm)

'so they say'

11 x 14 (279.4mmx355.6mm)

"I purchased an 11 x 14 print of the original art. (RE 'whisper', shown below) The quality of the print is fantastic and is cropped just enough to not lose the intent of the larger piece. (RE my painting 'almost home'): "...I adore him. He hangs at my bedroom door and he makes me smile every day."

Angela H./AZ, 

International? Contact me.  I can ship almost anywhere | Katy Boyer • blissbait@gmail.com • 5% of all sales goes to Direct Relief

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